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Let's just say that it is pretty bad when you use a SnapChat photo on your Bio page.  It just happens sometimes, and at least I do not have rabbit ears!

We all tend to faulter a bit when it comes to writing about themselves.  Trust me, I am no different.  My kids are grown and on their own now - with kids of their own.  If I have taught them anything, it is how to hide in the bathroom to enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning.  Those were the days, sometimes if the bathroom was busy I found a great closet to take my coffee too.  Then as the kids were older and knew what was going on, even so - it was a difficult hapbit to break.  After the last child left home my husband would hunt me down & do his best to reassure me that the coast was clear.   Now I just sit in the family room and drink my coffee.  I watch the birds out of the window, mostly I plan out my day.  Getting older does have it's perks.  

During my years of photography, and meeting many, many terrific people and seeing beautiful places, I have been honored to free lance for a few local places or events. I am a kid person, by nature - and was thrilled to be asked to do free lance work for Indy Child's Parents Magazine here in Indianapolis.


I love what I do and want to continue dedicating my life & my camera to all of the beauty, emotions and fun that it and I can hold.

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