About Summer

Let's just say that it is pretty bad when you use a SnapChat photo on your Bio page.  It just happens sometimes, and at least I do not have rabbit ears!

I've been fascinated with photography for many years even as a kid I had a fascination with cameras.  I would like to pose everyone and then that the photo with my Grandmother's Kodak Brownie camera.  She would look at the prints a few weeks later and tell me how silly I was.  So instead I took up drawing and painting.  I even taught both for years as an adult.  Now I no longer teach, instead I went back to the camera about 15 - 20 years ago.  I've been here ever since!  Once in a great while I will pick up a paint brush - but now it is loaded with paint for a household project.

During these many years of photography, and meeting many, many terrific people and seeing beautiful places, I have been honored to free lance for a few local places or events. I am a kid person, by nature - and was thrilled to be asked to do free lance work for Indy Child's Parents Magazine here in Indianapolis.  

I love what I do and want to continue dedicating my life & my camera to all of the beauty, emotions and fun that it and I can hold.

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