I have never done this before nor do I consider my website to be a platform for anything or anyone.  I am wanting to put this out there because it is so close to home - literally as in nextdoor.

This is Cade who happens to live nextdoor to me, I've known him maybe 4 or 5 years now. Cade was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or bone cancer - in his left tibia this past July.  The growth, is close to his knee, is about the size of a medium fist.  Chemo - surgery - and yet more chemo - that is the "plan".

Coming from a family where all of the men were/are and soon to be professional athletes, Cade is well on his way, following on the same path as his brothers & his Dad.  This hiccup on his road, will serve to make him stronger & see things that he never thought of before.  He is strong, a bit stubborn ( ha ha), has a positive attitude and more determination then 100 people put together!  Cade will make his family proud.

Everyday, in the back of my head I hear the sport announcer say..."There goes Cade Thompson!  It wasn't that many years ago that Cade had been diagnosed with bone cancer - look at him go now!  Nothing is going to keep this boy down!!"

...and nothing ever will...

Cade's recent interview with the media.

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