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Fun little houses...

Everyone knows about Fairy Houses, except for me...I just discovered them about three years ago. I do not own one, but when I do see one, I love photographing it. There is something magical and mystical about little Tinkerbell Fairies fluttering about.

As Autumn approaches, I am getting busier as most people are. School is back in session, the 2017 kids are wanting fall senior pictures. Football is starting back up - Go Colts! Family photos are in order for this year's Christmas cards...

Rushing it? Maybe, but it is all that needs to be done - before the huge shopping day in November.

With football gearing up I thought that I would share one of my favorite dips. Funday-Sunday's just would not be the same around my house without snacks and football. Looks good, because it is good!! Enjoy!

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