Sometime this fall...

Here it is nearly the first of November and the temps are going to be near record breaking next week! Looks like this weekend will be a great time for more fall photos. There is still more green leaves than colored leaves on the trees, so I did not miss anything yet!

October is always the busiest month for photography, family photos in time for Christmas, which somewhat explains why I am, once again, behind in my blogging. Ugh!

Last weekend I worked an event for an organization that I've not ever heard of - I believe it is but 4-5 years old. Folds of Honor - this organization is a wonderful charity. They raise money to help with the educations of children that may have lost a parent due to war. This was their biggest event, an auction as well as their Gala. I felt very honored to be a part of such a wonderful event.

The weekend looks as if it may be the perfect weekend to take a little break and enjoy what very well could be, the last warm sunny weekend until Spring. I'm in the mood for some wine, some fresh cheese, and maybe a bottle of wine, or two....who knows! Maybe a roadtrip to Southern Indiana to see what colors, if at all, the leaves are and take some fall photos. That sounds nearly perfect to me!

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