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It's Friday!

Next week is Thanksgiving, I don't know about you but we have had some awesome weather this month. However, I understand that all of that is going to change and rather quickly...

This particular November has been a rather busy/not busy month for me. A friend has been ill so I've taken some time off to take him to doctor appointments and visit with him while he was in the hospital - he is better and is resting now at home.

One event I look forward to for the past few years, is taking the photos for our school's auction.

It is a terrific event, and needless to say I am always honored to be asked. This is one of my images for this year. It was a tiny bit chilly, but the kids were great and really did not seem to mind much at all.

I was never a Telly Tubby fan, if I even spelled it correctly, but I did enjoy their intro photography work. This image reminds me of the Telly Tubbies, tho these are 6th grades and not the TT. LOL!

It was fun, certainly enjoyed the day! The photos were taken at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Well, I have my turkey, and alot of the 'fixens' to go with it. This year is also my hubby's birthday that happened to fall on Thanksgiving - I don't know if that is good, or bad for him...

I have an appointment coming in about an hour. I suppose I should get get meyself and the studio in order.

It's been nice talking with you! Have a wonderful Friday!

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