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I am back 100%

It has been a long six months, finally am being released from the doctor. don't worry I've made the mental note not for leave the house when ice has formed on the sidewalks! Lol!

I've been doing some senior pictures, a few prom and of course birds.

Where would I be without my beloved birds - it is because of them that I'm able to hold a steady camera now, and a lot of practice. They must have understood that I needed the practice of strengthening my wrist because they were patient and very would come very close.

Prom pictures are always fun, whether you are shooting silly shots or the traditional boy-girl shots - they are just meant to be fun!

Birthday's, family portraits, senior pictures and anything in between - now is a great time to contact me for your session. Not to early to plan fall photos - these times go quickly!!

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