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Happy New Year!

So what is new? Well, our pricing has changed a tiny bit, however we are offering you more with your photos.

Our new & improved studio is just about completed. Which is great news! We are finished with the painting, repairing, cleaning, scrubbing - Wow! I am beginning to "glow" just thinking about all that has been put into it. I am in the process of filling the walls, finding the best way to store the backdrops, ordering a few new products as well as prints. Let's just face it, this has been the longest 30 day reno - that turned into 6 months. We are finally down to a week or so...

I am going to be adding a couple of new things in 2020. To begin with we will be setting up a tv so that you may see your photos as I take them! I am very excited about that. It will be so much fun - but remember they are not all perfect nor edited.

Next, I am going to expand what we offer as far as products. Beautiful framing, heirloom wooden boxes, canvas, metal & wood. Let me add to the wood for a second, have you seen the prints on wood?? Amazing, I will try to have samples here in the studio for you to look at, and to hold.

I believe you will be as excited as I've been with all of the positive changes we have made for 2020.

Looking forward to your Photo Session with me!! Have a great 2020 as well!!

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