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Easter is April 12

This beast is what I call The Box.. My hubs made it for me - well actually for us.

Instead of regular Easter Mini Sessions I want to try something completely different this year.

I will be offering Easter/Spring Mini's from March 1, 2020 until March 28, 2020 inside of

The Box! ($125.)

In case you are unfamiliar with The Box photography, and what all we can do with this it, I will tell you or better yet, I will show you!

We will choose 9 of the best photos from your Mini Session - different poses. Each photo will be posed in the box - only 1 box per pose. Once the 9 have been chosen, then I will work my magic, ok so it's PhotoShop. Now for the photo...

Either your kids, or your entire family - including Grandparents if they want. The Box will never move, there would be no climbing to the top, or to the sides - it will be totally stationary. If you are wanting to see more examples I believe that Pintrest is calling it Outside of the Box Photography - there are many different ideas to see!!

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